Welcome to The great awakening

If you value truth then you will want to learn about The Great Awakening and digital soldier movement. There is a battle that is being waged on your behalf to protect you and your children from further enslavement and abuse.  The war between good and evil is no longer merely symbolic as it is being brought to justice in federal courts and military tribunals today. 

Criminally corrupt government leaders, celebrities, religious leaders, media figures, royalty and corporate figureheads to be tried and punished for crimes involving treason, human trafficking, ritual sacrifice & unspeakable perversions.  For these reasons and more Axel Verstraeten is on a war path to expose those who are involved in said criminal activity.

Preserving freedom for future generations is no easy task.  Every year we see new measures taken to “safeguard” the public through encroachment of basic human rights and freedoms.  Major events in the future will be another step to achieve that further.  When governments around the world shut down millions of small businesses but don’t lay off any government employees it’s not about health–only about control.   An institution that has the potential to destroy Earth through nuclear warfare should not regulate personal self-defence and that is exactly why this movement is the most rapidly growing movement in the world.

But it doesn’t end there–public awareness of this silent war is still suppressed due to censorship and taxpayer funded media bailouts.  Have you been convinced by legacy media claims that Q is a hoax or a “conspiracy theory?” Instead, consider why the media would insist that you—a thinking and capable adult—should avoid Q at all cost?  If it’s just a mere conspiracy theory then why all the attention?  What ideas are so dangerous that you should never hear them?  Is there another side to the story? Read an invitation to The Great Awakening and judge for yourself.

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