It’s no secret that world superpowers are currently in the middle of a high stakes winner-takes-all information war.  The ever-growing free thinkers of the world (the 99%) have met their match in a criminal enterprise known as the deep state (the 1%).  The battle that is being waged on your behalf to protect you and your children from further enslavement is no longer merely symbolic or being fought in distant lands. For most of us it can be felt in our own backyards.  United States presidential elections have global implications and this has never been more apparent than during 2020.  Preserving freedom for future generations is no easy task due to how every year we see new measures taken to “protect” the public.  Basic human rights and freedoms are quickly and unlawfully taken away in many countries around the world.  Major events in the future are looking to be another step to achieve that further. When governments around the world shut down millions of small businesses but don’t lay off a single government employee, it’s only about control. Criminally corrupt government leaders, celebrities, religious leaders, media figures, royalty and corporate figureheads to be tried and punished for crimes involving treason, human trafficking, ritual sacrifice & unspeakable perversions.  For these reasons and more we must unite on a path to unmask and fully expose those who are involved.  If you value real history, real science and above all– truth in media then you may want to learn more about The Great Awakening and its grassroots digital soldier movement. This website was created to test the narrative of online independent fact checkers & state media.

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