On the menu for you today : A reporter asked the President of the United States two back-to-back questions regarding the “QAnon conspiracy theory”. One about how he views it the other a bout the crux of the matter — Satanic pedophiles. Yesterday we uploaded the Plandemic 2 movie, it’s been terminated by YouTube within 17 hours. Canadian Finance Minister Bill Morneau RESIGNS FROM OFFICE & Christina Freeland replaces him. As if things couldn’t get any worse, she’s the only one that will hide Trudeau’s crimes. YouTuber Nicole Arbour made an appearance on Rebel News discussing celebrities drinking childrens blood, aliens, and more! Chinese hackers infiltrate State Surveillance Spy Software and leak it to Australian media. US Military steps up it’s fleet in the South China Sea, biggest deployment in half a century, tensions between Beijing and Washington at all time high.


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