Learning About the Great Awakening?

We’re glad you found your way here, for it is by no coincidence that you discovered this website.  In fact you are here for a reason–to expand your thinking and help further the expanse of Earth’s information revolution.  From our humble beginnings to the establishment of the unfiltered channel you see today, the Canadian chapter of The Great Awakening has become a go-to information source to which many answer seeking individuals have come.  We want to be your source for breaking reports, opinion and underground news leaks regarding the many mysteries of our world one puzzle piece at a time.

The Great Awakening is about discovering hidden truths and preserving freedom for the people.  We are exposing conspiracies that secret societies have kept hidden for ages.  Ancient history and religious prophecy indicates that a great awakening has been resurrected in the twenty-first century.

There are certain teachings that have been labelled as simply esoteric for millennia by ruling families that have enjoyed multi generational control over our societies while harnessing this occult knowledge for their benefit–but here is where things start taking a turn!   Dive deeper with us !


Can you feel it?  There is a shift that is occurring right now in our world.  People waking up to a higher purpose of what we can collectively accomplish.  As this shift continues to occur it’s going to happen like a domino effect.  People see others breaking out of their boxes and personal limitations inside the matrix grid.  True progressive change requires transparency of this agenda, not surveillance and control over a broken and propagandized public.
Join us in leading by example in this new age of information warfare.

Just as freedom requires truth, democracy requires the free flow of information to function. It is important to have truly independent media, spirited debates, public discussions and in-depth investigations regarding controversial issues. Repressive and secretive global agencies of control, money-mafia’s and medical mafia’s, military defence mafia’s making false-flag wars for profit, private-monopolies, big-tech/social media, Hollywood & corrupt aspects of media are all incestuous faces of the same force which exerts influence on policy decisions vertically, from the top-down, that affect you and every aspect of your life. This force has censored and manipulated information to move their agenda forward and keep you in the dark.  It is a nefarious agenda of control through techniques of technocracy, social engineering and eugenics. We live in a society of untruth, engineered to keep the truth from us.

In the end what is this really about? Who is the real common enemy? Let us be the first to tell you that this is not a battle of right and left but rather one of top versus down.  The real enemy is a global power structure that is pulling the strings behind the scenes–fronted by trillionaire banksters who have made their wealth enslaving nations with a black hole of debt through central banking. These manipulations have subverted history and our democracy.

Unfortunately the political spectrum has been tainted by the mainstream media’s refusal to do their job-to tell the public the truth about corruption within public office. With notable exceptions, overall they have been a tool of the corporate state for disinformation and propaganda.  Up until recent years the two-tier political establishment was controlled through blackmail and sexual deviancy.  In Canada the current political apparatus of state funded media has been deployed as an extension of the New Democratic-Socialist-Liberal party.  As a Canadian truth channel, we rely on the legal protections of freedom of speech and support from the general public. Legal freedoms are in decline but support for independent propaganda free media is rising.

"I might not agree with what you say but I'll defend to the death your right to say it" - Stan Grant

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Do you see what is happening regarding the current state of the world? Do you think world wide events are just a coincidence?  With your pledge of allegiance we can secure a future free of manipulated public perceptions.  The arbitrators of consensus reality are actively engaged in psychological warfare and social engineering against the people of the world.  These are distractions to cover for our common enemy–the Deep State.

"The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything." - Albert Einstein

The reason why we are heavily invested in promoting the declassification of suppressed technology is very simple.  Our universe is a giant energy field bound by frequency, vibration and resonance.  It is becoming more widely accepted as common knowledge that free energy patents, some which have been recently made public by the US military, will ultimately save the world.

"Our future lies with today's kids and tomorrows space exploration." - Sally Ride

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Why do millions around the globe follow Q? Is it because they believe that it is an accurate ‘conspiracy’ ?  Let’s play devil’s advocate and call it what the fake news media calls it for a second:  “A baseless far right bizarre conspiracy-theory”  

Whenever the league media calls something baseless that’s your queue to look into it further.  This is a group of upper level former and active military intelligence connected to the current presidential administration, and has been quietly gathering information on the deep state death cult since the late 1940’s. 

These brave men and women have watched the globalist cabal wreak havoc on society one terror attack after another for many years and now their time is up.   Q has made reference to the existence of secret space programs by stating that “programs exist outside public domain” before Space Force was even established alien life was also confirmed by the Q team by suggesting its viewers to “Consider the vastness of space.

There is a divine connection within all of us which makes it of the utmost importance to recognize these spiritual forces at play in our everyday lives.   The service to self path is not the path to enlightenment, it is what got us in this mess to begin with. 
Many lives have been lost in the name of the divine pursuit so we must put an end to these old ways of thinking as soon as possible.  We hold a place for all faiths to align in peace.

"We aren't human beings having a spiritual experience. We're spiritual beings having a human experience." - Pierre Teilhard

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Our ancient history was written by those who hung the heroes.  Much is still largely yet to be uncovered
Pyramids of Giza: 299792458°N.  Speed of light: 299792458 m/s.      Small truths lead to larger concepts


"Truth is like the Sun, you can shut it out for a time. But it ain't goin' away." - Elvis Presley

Human trafficking is a massive global issue as it’s the highest rate ever in history due in large to the internet.  It’s estimated that between 25-32 million humans are trafficked each year globally, earning around $150,000,000,000 yearly.  These people are trafficked for numerous horrific reasons, such as forced labour, arranged marriages, sex trafficking, and organ harvesting.  Approximately 80% of trafficking involves sexual exploitation, 50% of victims are under the age of 16 as well as 80% of victims being female. China being the largest exporter of humans, and America being the top purchaser might give you a bit of insight into the current global affairs. Thankfully Trump has been forcefully combating this evil since even before his presidency began. Everything is in place to put an end to it for good; over 179,000 indictments being unsealed as you read this. We are winning this war & nothing will stop it from happening.

"My administration is 100 percent committed to eradicating human trafficking from the Earth." - Donald J Trump 45th President of the United States

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The discovery of independent life beyond Earth would have deep philosophical implications for us, and our ideas of morality.  In academic philosophy today, an interest in extraterrestrial life is regarded with suspicion.  Many insiders and whistleblowers from compartmentalized programs have come forward in recent years all corroborating the same basic principals, that off world entities have been here the entire time and even before humans may have existed on planet Earth.  We have more questions than answers at this time when it comes to what’s going on with our galactic family of light but one thing is for certain–the world is changing by the second and nothing can stop the avalanche of information that is surely to rock the very foundations of mainstream academia.

"If the government is covering up knowledge of aliens, they are doing a better job of it than they do at anything else." - Stephen Hawking