Axel Verstraeten
British Columbia

Axel Verstraeten

Host / Founder

Axel Verstraeten is a total disclosure activist from British Columbia, Canada.  This Canadian patriot wants you and your family to live in a country full of freedom and liberty.  To him everything is on the line and this is not a game.  Axel Verstraeten has a vision to unify all Canadians regardless of race, religion, colour and creed.  By launching this website him and his team have the ultimate goal of assisting in the growth of the existing online grassroots movement ‘The Great Awakening’ that is now happening worldwide.  Millions of people are waking up everyday around the globe and Axel Verstraeten realizes this is just as much an offline movement as it is online.  Axel Verstraeten is working towards becoming a full disclosure event coordinator with his team by 2022. 

Axel is a first generation Canadian who immigrated from Argentina in the 1990’s.  He has Belgian descent and speaks fluent English and Spanish.  He used to teach exchange students English as a foreign language but currently works as a formwork carpenter on the highrises.  Axel Verstraeten is a big music fan, played guitar since he was 13 and has toured across Canada in metal bands.  He comes from a conservative christian family and wants to defend the values that helped him become the person he is today.  He would personally like to thank his family, friends and fans.  Everyone who has supported him during his dark night of the soul including almighty God.



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