Simon Esler

Simon Esler

Co-Host / Co-Founder

Simon Esler is a full disclosure activist from Ontario, Canada. He is a healer, energy practitioner, researcher, writer, actor, philosopher, father and adept student of experience.

Simon is ordained by the government of Ontario as a metaphysical minister of the Bancroft Center for awakening spiritual growth. As a certified life-cycle celebrant he trained in the art of custom ceremony creation. Through Rainbow Kids Yoga he is certified in creating children’s meditations. Simon Esler is an alumni of York University with a bachelor of arts degree in theatre studies.

In November 2017 he launched the ‘QAnon Think Tank’. With an incredible team, it has grown into a seventeen thousand member community focused on researching, filing and disseminating QAnon disclosures.

He is currently producing ‘Worlds Within’ a weekly series on and has been a speaker at consciousness / ufology events in Toronto, California and Colorado. This summer Simon Esler will be offering a presentation and workshop in Flat Rock, North Carolina for Camp Disclosure. Simon Esler is also Co-Host & Co-Founder of The Great

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