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Independent media is under attack just when we need it the most.  Thousands of people around the world have subscribed to The Great in search of honest outside the box reporting that can help them understand the biggest challenges we have faced in our lifetime. 

But at this crucial moment websites like this one are faced with an unprecedented existential threat.  For this reason we could use your help as I pledge to do journalism differently. 

Financial contributions from my viewership ensures that I can take this platform to higher places for years to come.

Below you will find a list of products we personally use and recommend to our viewers.


"I might not agree with what you say but I will defend to the death your right to say it."

Stan Grant Snr

I have upheld my views during the peak of online censorship.  I’m seeing an insurgence of big tech companies that seek only to crush independent content creators.  This website and it’s independence means we can set our own agenda and voice our own opinion. Reader financial support has meant we can keep investigating, disentangling and interrogating.  We’re of the belief that any and every idea ought to be open to criticism and debate.  We are one of the few media outlets in Canada that has the range, freedom and ability to challenge the views presented in the mainstream media. 

This group of citizen journalists have a passion for waking humanity up!  We are about standing united against injustice and inequality but above all we fight for peace.  We are proponents of freedom of speech, the family unit, faith based organizations and ultimately the full disclosure movement.  Our team gets breaking news and information from a wide variety of sources from various nations around the globe for some of our favourites please visit the Trusted Sources page.

Everyone can clearly see that the mainstream news media only pretends to be impartial and have actually been incorrect on a myriad of topics this year alone.  Unlike state sponsored media we here at The Great Awakening are capable of admitting our journalistic mistakes should they occur. We and pride ourselves on honesty and transparency.  On this platform together we hold a unique approach to confronting the state sponsored media party.  Axel tells it like it is and we examine the world from a different all angles—a side of the story untold to most Canadians.

Viewers are encouraged to crowdfund The Great Awakening’s efforts as it’s the only way to be completely free. My world view is centre-right as I believe in freedom and judging people based on their individual merit, not the colour of their skin, religion, sexual orientation or place they were born.  I wouldn’t be where I am today without your unwavering support & active participation.

Your support protects my independence which has never been so critical. Every reader’s contribution, however big or small is valuable.  Support Canadian total disclosure for as little as $3.  It only takes a minute and includes cool perks. Click below to become a Patron today!
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