Learn more about my Trusted Sources and save lots of time learning tools for jumping right to what you need. Get a quick overview, study the research and foundational subjects or go deeper down the rabbit hole with The Great Awakening.ca’s most trusted sources. These are people who I actively support and want you to look into if you haven’t already.  

Learn about unconventional spacecraft propulsion systems among many other benevolent disclosures that are right around the corner. The trusted sources section was created with you in mind. We want you to hear the other side of every story even if it may be hard to hear at times. Truth always rises to the surface and if one continuously denies the existence of hidden knowledge, they could face hardship reconciling when said truths come to fruition. 

The information age has come to change the public’s views on a myriad of topics of late as more and more people are fixated on current events.  This is why alternative media is so important and why big tech platforms like Google and Facebook are constantly banning alternative, conservative and conspiracy channels under the guise of hate speech and misinformation. It’s clear the internet has changed the way we consume information and these very highly recommended links below illustrate the very best ‘red pilling’ content the world has ever seen.

Edge of Wonder

More to this world than meets the eye.

Ben Chasteen and Rob Counts have the best videos on the internet.  They came on the YouTube scene in early 2018 and quickly rose to half a million subscribers before being shadow banned and demonetized by the gatekeepers of thought at Google.  They responded by creating their own premium platform which has become a beacon of light for truth seekers and truth tellers around the world .

Destroying the Illusion

Waking Humanity Up.

Jordan Sather is the host of the Destroying the Illusion and Conscious Strength platforms. He’s also producer of the movie Above Majestic & The Cosmic Secret. Jordan is one of the most visible online influencers that discuss QAnon and other related topics.

Press for Truth

We all want truth. The truth will set you free.

Dan Dicks smashes the pyramid of deception one brick at a time! The Vancouver based investigative journalist and documentary film maker has recently stepped up his boots on the ground approach to reporting.

Laura Lynn Tyler Thompson

Politician & Vancouver-based citizen journalist.

Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson is an author, speaker and former co-host of The 700 Club Canada.  She is known for her no-nonsense, bold stand for conservative values and parental rights.

Unify The People

Group of citizen journalists, local activists and the greater Canadian audience.  Weekly rallies held in all major cities around the country.


Political Implications of Extraterrestrial Life.

Dr. Michael Salla PHD has mastered the art of political science as concerned with creating or influencing policy toward extraterrestrial phenomena and extraterrestrial beings.

Deanne Adamson

Being True to You.

Deanne is the founder of Being True To You and host of The Human Experience, a new channel on Edge of Wonder

Sphere Being Alliance

Life Inside The Secret Space Program.

James Corey Goode is a Secret Space Program whistleblower.

Rebel News

Telling the other side of the story.

The Rebel is a Canadian far-right political and social commentary media website. 

Divine Cosmos

Changing the way you think.

David Wilcock is a professional lecturer, filmmaker and researcher of ancient civilizations, consciousness science, and new paradigms of matter and energy.

Stillness in the Storm

Consciousness Evolution.

Justin Deschamps’s platform Stillness in the Storm is a venue where cutting edge news, research, conspiracy, health and consciousness information can be shared for the purpose of making the world a better place.

Journey To Truth Podcast

Discussing the Journey towards Full Disclosure

Aaron Kuhn and Tyler Kiwala consistently interview with some of the biggest names in support of full disclosure.

And We Know

More Than Conquerors

LT the channel’s host is a former US Marine and is Axel Verstraeten’s go-to source for QAnon findings and decodes.

Q Anon

Where We Go One, We Go All

Q is a military intelligence information dissemination program connected to the current US Presidential administration for the purposes of leaking information anonymously via online message boards regarding the Deep State takedown.

One Foot N5D

Alara of Sirius

Alara of Sirius is the founder of One Foot N5D and host of Pink Patriot Hour.  Alara is a full disclosure activist operating out of Hawaii, USA.  No agenda here other than to manifest full disclosure and raise the consciousness of humanity.

Project Veritas

James Edward O'Keefe III

Project Veritas is an American right-wing activist group. The group uses disguises and hidden cameras to uncover supposed liberal bias and corruption.

The War Zone

A strong offense for the world of defense.

Read their latest articles for state of the art technological breakthroughs, declassification and other military news.  A great source for those interested in the latest military top secret, strategic & tactical information.

US Daily Military

Official Channel of the United States Armed Forces.

Latest news and Information on US Navy, Marines, Army, Space Force, Air Force, Civilian, and Coast Guard.

US Defense Area

In Depth Analysis of US, Nato & Allies Armed Forces.

US Defense Area Channel brings you footages from the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, and Coast Guard. Latest videos of weapons, aircraft, tanks, ships, guns, artillery, vehicles, military operations and technologies are posted daily.


Monitoring Seismic Activity Around The World

The Dutchsinse channel has been around since 2010 and is a great resource for tracking earthquake & tsunami activity.

Birds Eye View

Broaden Your Perspective

Get help in building bridges of understanding on difficult topics. Includes grab-and-go research, slides and images that you can use in your own materials.  Customizable and totally free.